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Get a 22% sellable increase in bud yield from your favourite fruiting and flowering plants.

Since 2006, a large number of 'booster-style' products have appeared on the market. CANNA believe that none are of the same quality as CANNABOOST Accelerator or made from the same unique ingredients. Some 'booster' products claim lower cost and dilution rates than CANNABOOST and some are not even true boosters in that they do not speed up the plant's metabolism or improve nutrient uptake.

So naturally, CANNA carried out some more research this year to see if other 'booster' products did what they claimed. They tested 4 booster products on a crop of tomatoes and saw that CANNABOOST produced the biggest and densest fruits with the highest total increase in yield (+22%).

It was also found that using just CANNA Coco A & B (i.e. the purple control column) actually performed better than when two of the boosters were used (i.e. boosters B and D).

The plants treated with CANNABOOST produced 2.77 Kg more than the control line and a staggering 5.05 kg more than the plants treated with Booster B.

CANNA pays a lot of attention to research and the quality of their products. According to CANNA, the tank should be nice and clear and not like an oil barrel.

In our opinion, CANNABOOST Accelerator continues to be the best plant metabolism booster on the market. We don't promote CANNABOOST on low cost or dilution, we promote its unrivalled performance. Quality Proves Itself!

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