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Complete Award Winning Professional Dutch Nutrient for Rapid Growing Plants In The Growing Period.

CANNA CLASSIC Vega A&B two part nutrient has won more championships than any other hydroponic nutrient - including gold at the Holland Growers Festival! CANNA Classic Vega has an awesome reputation amongst countless growers and is the most popular hydroponic nutrient in the world today.

  • Developed after extreme Dutch scientific trials, CANNA Classic Vega is specifically for the plants you love to grow hydroponically under HID lighting where the ultimate in growth rates and heavy yields are desired.
  • Use for plants grown in all hydroponic mediums and systems, recirculating or non-recirculating.
  • CANNA Classic Vega ensures healthy, lush green growth by precisely controlling the uptake of nutrients during the growth stage of fast-growing plants. It is rich in directly absorbable nitrogen elements and high-quality EDDHA-iron chelates, which guarantee an optimal absorption right from the start. Plants grow faster with Classic Vega with larger, greener leaves.
  • During vegetative growth, the root environment becomes alkaline and, in the bloom, more acidic. To keep a stable pH in the root environment, a carefully adjusted mineral balance in the nutrient is of extreme importance. Decades of research and distribution all over the world guarantees Classic Vega provide growers with the greatest success, time after time.
  • With the high-performance composition of CANNA Classic Vega, the minerals and the pH buffer of the average tap water in the country is considered eliminating excess salt build-up, which is toxic to the plant and the environment. li>
  • Imported direct from Holland.

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