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Complete Award-Winning Dutch Plant Food for Fast-Growing Plants in Coconut Substrates

CANNA COCO A&B two-part nutrient has won more championships than any other cocoponic nutrient - including multiple golds at the Holland Hydro Cup! CANNA Coco has an awesome reputation amongst countless growers and is arguably the most popular coco nutrient across the globe today.

  • Created after demanding Dutch scientific trials, CANNA Coco A&B is specifically for the plants you love to grow indoors or outdoors in coco media where the ultimate in growth rates and heavy yields are desired.
  • Ensures healthy, lush green growth and heavy yields by precisely controlling the uptake of nutrients during the vegetative and flowering phases of fast-growing plants. The finishing result is maximum flower and fruit yields with a full round taste.
  • CANNA COCO A&B are complete nutrients rich in premium elements and organic earth acids that guarantee you superior flower and fruit size when cultivation in coconut substrates.
  • Proudly made Holland and exported to the world.

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