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Holland's No.1 Plant Food for Fast Growing Plants during the Growing Phase in Peat Based Potting Mixes.

CANNA TERRA Vega is an award winning single part nutrient for cultivating fast growing plants in peat based potting mixes during the growing and vegetative phase. It has won more hydro cups than any other single part hydroponic nutrient - including multiple golds at the prestigious Holland Growers Festival! Countless growers around the world vote CANNA Terra Vega No. 1.

  • The result of rigorous Dutch scientific trials, CANNA Terra Vega is formulated for the plants you love to grow in peat mixes under HID lighting or in the sun outdoors where the ultimate in growth rates and heavy yields are desired.
  • Use for your favourite plants grown in peat based media or soil, indoors or outdoors.
  • Terra Vega ensures healthy, lush green growth by precisely controlling the uptake of nutrients during the growth stage of fast-growing plants. It is rich in directly absorbable nitrogen elements and high-quality EDDHA-iron chelates, which guarantee an optimal absorption right from the start. Plants grow faster with Classic Vega with larger, greener leaves.
  • Terra Vega is directly available for the plant and consists of a correct composition of nutrients, which is crucial during the growing phase.
  • Terra Vega takes into account that more nitrogen is needed and that there is a decreased need for potassium and phosphorus.
  • Proudly made Holland and exported to the world.

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