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Easy As Organics™ is a certified organic Living Soil formulated to sustain thriving plant growth from seedling to harvest. Unlock your plant's potential. 

How it works

Living soil

Peat, wood fibre, compost, worm castings, biochar and scoria create optimal soil structure, rich with humus and packed with beneficial soil life with excellent nutrient and water holding properties.

Nutrient dense

Organic soil amendments are held in the growing media and converted to plant available form by microbes as needed throughout the crop life-cycle.

Optimal soil structure

Australian made wood fibre and scoria provides air porosity to the rhizosphere. Roots require oxygen for sugar production to grow and feed soil biology. In exchange, microbes convert nutrients to plant available form.

Premium organic amendments

Amendments in this soil contain a full spectrum of slow and fast release macro nutrients, trace elements, pest and disease resisting compounds and many natural growth promoting hormones.

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