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PYROCHAR+ is the solid BIOCHAR product created via the pyrolytic process with additional macro and micro nutrients.

The life force of soil is Carbon. And BIOCHAR is Carbon for life.

When you think of BIOCHAR, think of compost that lasts forever. PYROCHAR+ is a solid BIOCHAR (agricultural charcoal) product which ALL THINGS BIOCHAR are currently creating from poultry litter, which in addition to the high fixed carbon content that lasts for hundreds of years in the soil, has nutrient content similar to well known poultry manure pellets. But no smell.  

The long-lasting BIOCHAR then becomes a sponge for subsequent fertiliser applications greatly improving their efficiency, and that sponge like structure becomes a home for beneficial soil microbes providing “Everlasting soil health”.

With poultry pellets or composts the carbon returns to the air after a few months, whereas with ALL THINGS BIOCHAR the carbon stays in the soil for hundreds of years, and is the most recognised way known to sequestering atmospheric carbon into the soil (top soil) and keeping CO2 out of the air!

ALL THINGS BIOCHAR products are proudly made in Australia by an Australian owned company using locally developed World leading clean technology.

The chemical analysis of PYROCHAR+
chemical analysis

PYROCHAR+ is not just Biochar, the additional macro and micro nutrients continue to provide benefits to soil health for many years to come.

Application instructions for Pyrochar+

dosage is per Sq Metre

Garden beds and cropping ground – spread and work 5 –10 litres of PYROCHAR+ in to soil to a depth of 150mm.

Australian Native plants – spread and work 3 litres of PYROCHAR+ in to soil to a depth of 150mm.

Planting of seeds/seedlings – Form a furrow at planting depth and then fill base of furrow with 2–3 handfuls of PYROCHAR+ per metre. Then plant as normal.

Planting out larger plants grown in pots – Place PYROCHAR+ at a depth of 1cm in base of hole. Cover with a small amount of soil. Then plant as normal. (Use from 0.15 litres for small plants up to 1.2 litres for established larger plants.)

New Lawns – Spread @6litres of PYROCHAR+ and lightly work in to a depth of 50mm. Then sow or lay turf as normal.

Established Lawns – Spread 2 – 3 litres PYROCHAR+ over lawn and water in well, but not to the point of runoff. Can be applied annually in early Spring.

Large Stressed Trees – Dig a shallow trench around the drip line of the tree, then apply 6 – 10 litres PYROCHAR+ to a depth of 30mm. Cover lightly with compost and/or soil. Mulch and water in well.

BIOCHAR has been used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures. It is a proven agricultural practice, utilised in Japan, China, and other Asian and South American countries.

One bag of PYROCHAR+ goes a long way in application when following the above instructions and the benefits will continue to be achieved for up to a year.


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